PD Dr. Elke Rohmann

Lecturer / Senior Researcher
Room: IB 4/55
Phone: +49 (0)234 32-23747
Fax: +49 (0)234 32-14002

Office hours: by appointment

Research Interests

Romantic Relationships

Self and Narcissism

Personality and Prosocial Behaviour

Adult Attachment

Positive Psychology

Representative Publications

Rohmann, E., Hanke, S., & Bierhoff, H.-W. (2019). Grandiose and vulnerable narcissism in relation to life-satisfaction, self-esteem and self-construal. Journal of Individual Differences.

Hanke, S., Rohmann, E., & Förster, J. (2019). Regulatory focus and regulatory mode – Keys to narcissists'(lack of) life satisfaction? Personality and Individual Differences, 138, 109-116.

Brailovskaia, J., Rohmann, E., Bierhoff, H.-W., & Margraf, J. (2018). The brave blue world: Facebook flow and Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD). PLoSONE, 13 (7): e0201484.

Rohmann, E., & Bierhoff, H.-W. (2016). Zufriedenheit und Glück. [Well-being and happiness]. In H.-W. Bierhoff & D. Frey (Eds.), Enzyklopädie der Psychologie: Sozialpsychologie 2 – Soziale Motive und Soziale Einstellungen [Encyclopedia of social psychology 2 – Social motives and attitudes] (pp. 279-322). Göttingen: Hogrefe.

Rohmann, E., Führer, A., & Bierhoff, H.W. (2016).  Relationship satisfaction across European cultures: The role of love styles. Cross Cultural Research, 50, 172-211.

Rohmann, E., Neumann, E.,  Herner, M. J. & Bierhoff, H.W. (2012). Grandiose and vulnerable narcissism: self-construal, attachment, and love in romantic relationships. European Psychologist, 17, 279-290.

Rohmann, E., Bierhoff, H.W. & Schmohr, M. (2011). Narcissism and perceived inequity in attractiveness in romantic relationships. European Psychologist, 16, 295-302.

Rohmann, E., & Bierhoff, H.W. (2007). Skalen zur Erfassung der Equity in Partnerschaften (SEEP). [Scales for measuring equity in pair relationships]. Zeitschrift für Sozialpsychologie [German Journal of Social Psychology], 38, 217-231.

Bierhoff, H.W. & Rohmann, E. (2004). Altruistic personality in the context of the empathy-altruism hypothesis. European Journal of Personality, 18, 351-365.

Brief Curriculum Vitae

Academic Distinctions